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The time now in Usa : Tue 18/01/2022 23:18

Prayer Times in Usa Today

Fajr Azan in Usa 06:03 AM
Sehri / Suhoor Time Usa Up to 15 minutes from 06:03 AM
Sunrise time in Usa 07:34 AM
Dhuhr Azan time in Usa 12:33 PM
Asr Azan time in Usa 03:13 PM
Maghrib Azan time in Usa 05:33 PM
Iftar Ramadan time in Usa 05:33 PM
Isha Azan time in Usa 06:59 PM
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Prayer times above in Usa are according to Muslim World League.

Prayer timings for entire countries are not accurate. Please use the search function to look up your city.

Muslim prayer times in Usa For the year 2020.

Qiblah direction in Usa

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When is Iftar time in Usa in Ramadan 2020?

Iftar time in Usa is 05:33 PM.

Sehri / Suhoor time in Usa Up to 15 minutes from 07:34 AM.

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